Copywriting Services

Why use Copywriting Services?

“Saving you time by writing your business copy.” 
We understand everyone in your business or organization is fully involved and busy from the minute they clock in each day. In fact, managers and owners tell me their staff is too busy to create proper website copy and even critical marketing material. As the owner of your business, you understand the crafting of that website copy is time-consuming and in most cases, a grueling task no one in the company wants to tackle. If this describes your company, my copywriting services are your solution.

As an experienced freelance copywriter, journalist and blogger, I want to tell your story.

Our Copywriting Services

Here’s how our copywriting services can help you:

  • Create some or all of your general business copywriting (crafting persuasive and original copy for your target audience).
  • Start and maintain a long term inbound marketing campaign or re-energize an old campaign.
  • Freshen any existing written or digital business copy for republication.
  • Create your call-to-action pages and articles.
  • Write enticing product descriptions for e-commerce sites or print catalogs.
  • Compose press release articles for the modern age.
  • Pen a business grand opening article or a chamber after-hours event flyer or an email campaign that will attract a crowd.
  • Do some or all of your ghostwriting.
  • Develop a long-term content marketing campaign.
  • Craft engaging native advertising copy.
  • Do all your editing & proofreading.
  • Write and optimize your social media profiles, including the creation of social graphics.
  • Plan your social media strategy.
  • Create online or print marketing brochures.
  • Business Correspondence Proofreading – check grammar, spelling, and clarity of business communication prior to dissemination.

As a former web designer, I am very comfortable posting stories, articles, graphics and other digital information directly to your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix or HTML website.

Fee for Copywriting Services:

All service fees are fully negotiable but I have a basic industry-standard minimum wage that I adhere to in almost all cases.

Some guidelines:

  • All copywriting services clients will be charged on a per-project basis and never on an hourly / per-word driven fee.
  • The minimum copywriting fee will be $50.
  • Ghostwriting: A 20% premium will be added to all ghostwriting projects.

Please contact me for a copywriting consultation for your business. I will be glad to discuss with you how an experienced copywriter can eliminate some of your business stresses while increasing customer reach and engagement.

Last edited on March 24, 2017