Properly Marketing Your Business – The After Hours Event

Why did you or why are you thinking of hosting a business “After Hours” event?  The main reason is likely for advertising and marketing purposes. Social and business networking are also some good reasons to be a host. To take advantage of all the benefits of an After Hours event, pre-planning is crucial.

Who Did or Who Will Do Your Marketing

Will you allow your local business organization or chamber to do most of the marketing for your After Hours social?  Most businesses do so because everyone in their company is too busy with their own work to spend their valuable work hours preparing for the big event.  The downside of allowing your LBO or Chamber of Commerce to do all of the work for you is that you may end up with a poorly planned and sparsely attended event.

Many managers who attend a poorly marketed After Hours event walk away saying “I will do better when I host mine.” 

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The Time To Hire A Freelance Copywriter Is Today

March 8, 2017 – Business, Freelance Writer, Writing

Most of us are too busy to not get it right the first time.

Business writing done correctly the first time

Unlike our president, most of us don’t have a full-time staff of spokesmen to right a wrong, tamp down a business controversy or correct a typographical error that would have dire consequences to our business.

I am available for a copywriting consultation to talk over some ways I can help you become more productive. My business is writing about yours.


Tim Bondy
Freelance Writer