Tim Bondy Freelance Copywriter

Freelance Copywriter

Are you looking for a copywriter?  Read on to discover the ways I can help you and your business thrive.  I want to be your copywriter and a part of the success of your business.

I’m Tim Bondy and over the years I’ve discovered owners and managers are happy to talk about their business, products, and services. However, I’ve also discovered many of these same people are reluctant to put those same enthusiastic descriptions on paper.  It can be a grueling task and sometimes overwhelming trying to get your words “just right.”

Are You Looking For Someone To Tell Your Business Story?

Writing has been my passion since I graduated from high school. I moved on to earned my Communications degree before joining the United State Air Force. Toni, my professional editor and business partner also hold degrees in English, Business Administration and Computer Sciences.

Together, we offer a good mixture of experience, marketing, and writing skills to help you tell your story in this complex information age we are living in.

Services We Offer

How about I start with your website’s “About Us” page? That’s one of the most clicked on links of most business websites. Or maybe I can freshen up the current information your customers and clients see each day. Maybe some of your grammar or word usage is a little unorthodox or unclear? We can help.

Social media can be a challenge for business owners and managers. The daily task of posting and responding to potential customer inquiries is time-consuming enough. But crafting an enticing profile and formatting the graphics usually falls to others in the organization who are just as busy. Let me take on some of those tasks no one else really wants to do.

For more ideas on how, as a copywriter, I can help you thrive in this busy and complex information age, visit our Copywriting Services page.

Bookmark this page and come back in weekly to learn more about business copywriting, marketing and social media strategies and trends.